‘Lightness of Being’ @reneromeroschuler is tonight! We can’t wait to see everyone there for a wonderful evening full of the incredible works of Rene.
The piece pictured here is ‘Goddess of Love”, 72x70, oil on canvas, 2014.
“The ‘goddess’ figures are the ones that I go to when I need a little strength of spirit. In this piece, I am bolstering my strength in the area of love and relationships. These tend to be very strong, powerful pieces for me.” -Rene Romero Schuler
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Wall Street Fine Art Presents Rene Romero Schuler, 'Lightness of Being'

Join us for a one-of-a-kind private dining experience as we enjoy San Marco’s new Town Hall, led by two-time James Beard nominee Tom Gray, all to ourselves. The west-coast design aesthetic to the intimate restaurant, paired with a four course dinner and wine pairings will all encompass touches that represent and are inspired by René. 

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Artist Spotlight: René Romero Schuler

"My approach to every piece that I create is to first start with a color palette that fits my general mood in that initial moment. From that stage, I apply several additional layers of color, movement and texture. Every part of how I create a piece is a very deliberate attempt to transfer my energy and emotion, or the energy of whom or what I am channeling. "

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700-Car Garage Promises to be a Fabulous Work of Art

"They should just put a frame around the Museum Garage when it opens next year. Situated across the street from the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, the seven-story, 700-car garage promises to be a fabulous work of art."

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When Steve Jobs Gave Andy Warhol A Computer Lesson
Using a photograph he took of Debbie Harry for digital manipulation, Andy Warhol demonstrates the new Amiga Computer at Lincoln Center.


In 1984, the great artist Andy Warhol was fascinated by a computer art program first introduced to him by visionary Steve Jobs. Warhol went on to do a live digital painting using an Amiga 1000 at the Lincoln Center in front of a crowd of tech enthusiasts. Warhol remains one of the first fine artists to ever work on a computer, paving the way for a new generation of digital artists.

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The Case for Spending an Hour with One Work of Art

What can we gather from a piece when we spend one hour in front of it rather than the usual few fleeting minutes?

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Looking Back: Wall Street Fine Art Presents Javier Martin

A look back at our 2017 event with Javier Martin

Mixed media artist, Javier Martin, originally from Spain, is globally renowned for his art which discusses complex social themes and ideas. His art invites us not only to question societal views of worth, but our own perspectives as well - to self-reflect.
The concepts of Martins’ work are presented in a language that is unique to his own art yet deeply universal. His works carry eloquent meaning and profound political messages, inducing viewers to reflect on their own behavior and social responsibility.

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"Delight" by René Romero Schuler

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"Ceiling of the Power" By Jesus Rivera

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Armory Show’s Focus Sector Looks at the Body and Technology


Gabriel Ritter's display includes 34 artists from the 1970s to today, from Hermann Nitsch and Bruce Nauman to Tabita Rezaire and Patty Chang

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