Wall Street Fine Art Presents Javier Martin

"Mixed media artist, Javier Martin, originally from Spain, is globally renowned for his art which discusses complex social themes and ideas. His art invites us not only to question societal views of worth, but our own perspectives as well - to self-reflect." Watch a video recap as Wall Street Fine Art hosts an event for artist Javier Martin.

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An L.A. Gallerist Bought Out Warhol’s First Painting Show for $1,000—and Ended Up with $15 Million

"Andy Warhol, Irving Blum, Billy Al Bengston and Dennis Hopper, at the Opening Reception, Duchamp Retrospective, Pasadena art Museum,, 1963 Robert Berman Gallery"

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What Sold at Art Basel in Basel

"The fair’s mega-dealers were certainly feeling good. Many used phrases like “best ever” and “record” to describe their opening days at Art Basel this year. Zwirner said he thought this year’s fair was on track to be his best ever, and the numbers back him up." Click the link to read the full article about what sold at the 48th edition of the world's top art fair.

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Take a Closer Look Inside Banksy’s Art-Filled West Bank Hotel

Anonymous artist Banksy is one of the worlds greatest and most controversial street artists. His artwork often contains a combination of dark satire and graffiti, and can be seen across the world.

View the article to get a closer look at the art based hotel opened by Banksy himself.

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Inside the High-Tech Company That Handles Art for Billionaires, Museums, and Oscar de la Renta

Introducing UOVO, "The cutting-edge art storage facility is one of many places to store art, antiques, and other precious wares."

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Wall Street Fine Art Gallery CEO Jessica Santiago Buzz Interview


Click the link to watch as Wall Street Fine Art Gallery CEO Jessica Santiago discusses what it is to be a disruptive art gallery, her mission in traveling around the nation to meet with artists, curators and galleries, and more.

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"Red Square I" By Brenda Heim

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"Ceiling of the Power" By Jesus Rivera

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Industry Insights: Corporate Art Collaborations

It's no doubt corporate art collaborations are amongst some of the most interesting, and positively impactful works.

Read more to get an industry insight on these corporate artworks.

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